Most people don't actually join your company, they join you. They will join because they like and trust you. So, how do you get people to like and trust you. Well, to start, you might want to read the book, How to Win Friends and Influence People by Dale Carnegie. Next, learn how to create rapport. People like people who are like them, so learn to mirror their style (without obviously copying or mimicking them). 

For example, if they talk fast, then you talk fast. If they use a lot of visual words then you use visual words. If they are kind of laid back, they you relax. Find common areas of interest - children, sports, politics, business, investing - the more in common you have, the more they will like you. 

Most of all, ask questions and get them talking. People love to talk about themselves. There was once a study done on an airplane. The interviewer was told to ask the person sitting next to him questions during the entire flight and do everything possible not to reveal much about himself. 

Upon leaving the airplane, the interviewee was asked about the interviewer and commented that he was the best communicator and most interesting person they had ever met. Just goes to prove the power of building rapport through questions.

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