Simon C. Hemus


"Bill is a proven leader with exceptional management skills. His skills include inspiring communications out to his Sales Team, the ability to select and manage a professional management team with their FOCUS on growing the business. "

Primoz Kotar 


"I met Bill in 2018 on LinkedIn and we instantly clicked. We had a chance to meet in person that same year and we shared our experiences. I learned a lot  and I am happy that he has helping me and coached me not just about marketing, sales but life  also."

Ray C. Carter, Jr. 


"I had the great pleasure and honor to work with Bill for many years . Bill's public speaking, training and motivational skills are very impressive and he was adept at capturing the attention of our distributors around  the world. 

 A person of great integrity and loyalty, Bill could always be counted on to do the right thing. "

John W. Meyer


Bill is able to speak to all levels of individuals, communicating messages to employees and distributors. 

He focuses on motivation business opportunity, always positive and encouraging people to reach out and take on challenges. 

Bill is able to express himself and is very genuine, a trait that transcends any language.

Anna Maria Theocharaki


"Bill is open minded and sincere person with the extraordinary gift of knowing how to avail himself of his colleagues, enabling thus, the full potential of the team.

Moreover, his knowledge and experience in matters on Multi Level Marketing are the pillars that contribute to his positive results."

Life Coach/MLM Consultant/Mentor/Keynote Speaker All rights reserved.  

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