The Inner and Outer Game of Network Marketing – Part 1


Many people misunderstand what is required to be successful in network marketing. They think they can succeed either with excitement and enthusiasm, or by knowing the skills. While in fact, success is a combination of both.

Network marketers, like most sales professionals, use certain techniques to do their jobs better. They identify and experiment with pitching strategies and prospecting methods that help boost their numbers. However, many don't seem to realize that those techniques are useless if executed without proper motivation and genuine confidence.

Techniques and attitude are the two bread slices that make the veggie sandwich.

It's what I call the difference between the inner game and the outer game of network marketing success.

  • The inner game is all about your values, emotions, and other important factors that exist inside your head.
  • The outer game is all about strategy, execution, and factors that are important out in the world.

Both halves of this equation are essential. If you're all inner game, you'll be hyped up and passionate, but you'll do all the wrong things. There's nothing sadder than being motivated to do useless tasks. It's like being super enthusiastic about digging a hole for your backyard pool with a toothpick. Right attitude, wrong strategy.

If you're all outer game, you'll know what to do, but you won't have the fire necessary to do it. You'll be smart enough to see the step-by-step strategy that will guide you to reach your target, but when it comes time to execute (i.e, doing the work) you won't have it in you to follow through. You'll look at the mountain of work in front of you, shrug, and think, "Why?" And if you don't have the fire, even a genius sales strategy isn't going to help you.

The Inner Game of Sales

There are three parts to the inner game : goals, emotions, and knowledge.

1) Goals

Your goals are your engine. They're what you hope to accomplish. They might be small scale, daily goals (I will send X customized prospecting emails a day) or they can be the big, hairy, audacious goals (I will be the top recruiter in my company). They can even be deeply emotional or personal (I will buy a house for my family), as your biggest goals should be.

Goals are essential because you need to remember the reason why you do everything you do. They make you enthusiastic about the work. Plus, they give you a sense of the big picture. After all, it's impossible to hit a target if you don't have one.

2) Emotions

Sales in network marketing requires you to directly communicate with other people-constantly. And people are ruled by their emotions.

If you don't have a solid grasp of emotions, you'll flounder. There are two dimensions to emotions that are important to understand-other people's and your own. Empathizing with the emotions of your prospects will help you understand their pain points and their aspirations. The better you know what's going on in their head and hearts, the easier it will be to communicate the value of your product. It's a cliché because it's true: buying is an emotional decision.

Understanding your own emotions as it relates to network marketing success can help you overcome roadblocks that otherwise may prevent you from reaching your potential. Some people let their confidence slip or allow fear to get the better of them, without ever reflecting why. A little introspection will give you the insight you need to feel more powerful and act more effectively. Plus, it will help you better connect with other people.

3) Knowledge

Education doesn't stop at school. The third component of the inner sales game has to do with confidence, which comes with competence or knowing what you need to know about your product and profession.

Successful network marketing professionals are trusted advisers who know what they sell better than anyone. They read books, trade magazines like Networking Times, and blogs like this one, to help them understand their customers, their field, and the practice of selling itself.

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