Characteristics of a Successful Network Marketer


Not every person is right for the direct selling business. Are you right for MLM? Here is a list of 9 characteristics of a successful network marketer:

1. You must be able to meet people! This is a people business. The only way you'll find recruits and customers is by getting out there and marketing! If you're not a people person, this business likely isn't for you!

2. Do you believe in the products you're selling? You must be excited about the product you are selling. If you don't believe in the product it will impact your sales results. You must be the type of person who gets enthusiastic about sharing your product with others. Excitement plays an important role in a purchase decision in the network marketing business!

3. Have patience. It takes time to grow your business, as it does with any other business. Give yourself at least two years to succeed. Try. Try. And try again. Create goals lists. Take small goals and turn them into huge goals. It make be slow, but you can grow!

4. Attend company training programs. Network marketing / MLM companies often offer training programs to help you succeed in recruiting and training new consultants. Take advantage of the training programs your company offers. Don't let those valuable networking opportunities go to waste either!

5. Work with your sponsor, and work with those you sponsor. You should soak up as much experience as you can from your sponsor and pass that knowledge down to those that you sponsor. A successful sales organization has successful distributors. If you're not willing to help others and be helped, this business is not for you.

6. Think positively. Remember, the MLM business will subject you to a lot of motivational speakers, sales and promotional materials. Some of it will be useless, while some of it won't. When things don't go smoothly keep yourself in a positive frame of mind. On average, you'll have to make ten presentations to make just one sale! You need to be able to positively deal with rejection. Maintaining a positive attitude will go a long way in keeping you motivated and encouraged to succeed!

7. Get organized. Set aside a place in your home that is used just for business. Make good use of the incredible amount of free computer software and apps. Keep a daily planner. Keep track of customers, prospective customers, etc. Send out those emails and reminders. Stay organized!

8. Be loyal. Don't become a "multilevel junkie!" Some distributors fail because they bounce from one network marketing opportunity to another - again and again. This is a prescription for failure! While many successful distributors may be involved in promoting two or three direct selling product lines at once, the most successful distributors are those who focus on promoting the products or services of a single network marketing / MLM / direct sales company over a long period of time. Find the right company for you, and then stick with it! Loyalty pays.

9. Work hard! Network marketing is not a quick, easy path to a lifetime of prosperity. Nor is it a free ride to wealth that requires absolutely no effort on your part. It doesn't work that way. In fact, it doesn't work at all unless you do! You have to devote time and effort to it especially in the very beginning. It can pay out huge rewards. But regardless of what everyone tells you, you must work for those payoffs! Work as hard as your competition is working - then harder!

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